January 16, 2009

As the cold days of winter continue, it's so inspiring to gather up a stack of seed catalogs and dream of spring days to come. Of course I circle and highlight way more than I can possibly afford or even have time to plant but dreaming is good for the soul.
"There is nothing like a dream to create the future" Victor Hugo


Anonymous said...

This is a great afternoon outting for the gals in your family. Carol has original ideas that will catch your eye. The plants and outside garden is wonderful to wander through.
Kuz Linda/Winterset, IA

Maynard Greenhouse said...

Found your site thru Jean D'Arc Living. It was refreshing to find someone who also has a gift shop and garden store. Haven't found many. Like me you probably have little time to blog. Love your store. Especially the mini garden you put together. You've inspired me.