December 31, 2009

Creating a Miniature Garden--As seen in Midwest Living Magazine

See us in the current issue of Midwest Living Magazine! We carry a wide assortment of all the accessories you need to create a little garden haven. You can create a garden of your own!
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This one was planted in an old vintage picnic basket but you can use just about anything that will hold dirt. An old basket, suitcase or vintage drawer would make a great container. Add a trellis, chairs, benches, fencing and paving stones. Then for finishing touches: beeskeps, birdhouses, urns, birdbaths, and even little garden tools. Choose plants according to whether you plan to keep it in shade or sun. This one features angel vine on the trellis and fern. In the small urn is a little sprig of hen and chicks which doesn't require much soil. This is a great project to do with kids or grand kids or for yourself to make the winter just a little greener! They also make a great gift to brighten someones day!

December 21, 2009

Winter dreams

Learn to pause
...or nothing

worthwhile will
ever catch

up to you.

May God's Peace
be yours in